The Artistic Visage of Dalia Jamal S. Jumah

ISBN: 9781450074032

Published: July 2nd 2010


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The Artistic Visage of Dalia  by  Jamal S. Jumah

The Artistic Visage of Dalia by Jamal S. Jumah
July 2nd 2010 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 0 pages | ISBN: 9781450074032 | 7.80 Mb

A tratesman, named Idris Sulayman, who had immigrated to America ten years before, decides to leave his day job and set himself up as a building contractor. In his search for work, Idris meets Pierre, a Haitian contractor, and his worker Pascal Charlot--a real-life character who was killed by the Beltway Sniper.

They introduces Idris to Orkun Tecer and his divorced daughter, Dalia, a music teacher, with whom he falls in love. Dalia and Idris are now in an intimate relationship- then she, being remarkably fond of children, becomes pregnant, giving birth to twin boys. It is soon revealed that she is still married to a man named Zeren who lives in California, and yet Dalia and Idris continue to live under the same roof. In the meantime, Idris is seduced by Reema, the wife of Abel Maher, who was previously employed by Idris, after the formers imprisonment for aggravated assault upon Tariq Haster, Idriss and Abels compatriot.One day Zeren, arriving at Idriss house and forcing his way in, sexually assaults Dalia in the kitchen.

Zeren is accidently killed by an attempt on the part of Dalia to set herself free. Dalia is bailed until her trial, during which she marries Idris. At last she is sentenced to ten months in prison. By this time Idris has already impregnated Reema- she delivers a boy, Joseph.While Dalia remains jailed, Reema resides at Idriss house, looking after the three children. One night a devastating fire breaks out in the basement- Reema and the twins die in the wake of that occurrence.

Idris informs Dalia of all that has happened. After her release, Dalia, consumed with grief by the death of her children, resolves to live apart from her husband, but she soon, moved by love and compassion, relents and returns to him.Idris is unexpectedly obliged to leave the States for a week to claim his patrimony after the death of his father and brother, in the Holy Land, where he is about to be detained for further questioning on account of his being a political activist thirteen years before, but he resists arrest and strikes at two policemen.

Having been imprisoned for four months, he returns to Virginia to find Dalia being attacked by Abel, in revenge for his wife, Reema. Dalia loses an unborn baby.Idris soon discovers that he is deprived of his inheritance- and his established reputation as a building contractor was damaged by his absence. He, being always haunted by strange and vivid dreams, believes that his misfortunes result from his failure to curb his sensual desires- and, besides, all evils and calamities are to continue to overtake human beings as long as they are resides in the inner core, one of four layers into which all mankind are classified, according to a curious dream.

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