Rebeccas Goodbye (Love is Patient, #4) Morgan Parkins



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Rebeccas Goodbye (Love is Patient, #4)  by  Morgan Parkins

Rebeccas Goodbye (Love is Patient, #4) by Morgan Parkins
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Rebecca’s Goodbye* * * * How will Sarah Miller make sense of the cruel prank that kills her younger sister? * * * *The peaceful environment of Sarah Miller’s Amish based world was abruptly shattered one spring morning when she becomes the lone witness to her beloved sister’s death. Suddenly, in Sarah’s eyes, everything changes, and all because of a cruel adolescent prank that triggers their horses to rush the gate, killing Rebecca in the blind terror.

As the family struggles with their loss, they slowly begin to move forward, exploring the need for forgiveness while settling back into their peaceful, structured life.Yet, both Sarah’s attention and her heart has been captured by the gentle, handsome police detective who spearheaded the police investigation into the teenager’s prank.

Already having explored the outside world and finding no one to capture her attention, either inside of her community of in the larger community, Sarah is taken aback by her sudden attraction to a man outside of her faith. Their sense of companionship grows one hot, summer day when she falls victim to her own pride and opts to walk home.She is alone and miles from home when she begins to feel the effects of heat stroke, only to be rescued by the detective. One delivered safely to her home, she is preoccupied by her thoughts with Dectective Burns and is shocked to learn that her father has taken steps to relocate to a less populated, peaceful environment.

Will she follow her family to Maine, or will she follow her instincts and remain in Ohio?If she stays, will it be to see her sister’s killers brought to justice… or for another reason?

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